The selection process for the Rob Koranda Scholarship award is a review of nomination and recommendation information as well as the student’s personal resume, written statement, and interview.  

Each nomination the committee receives is read and thoroughly considered. After scholarship requirements have been confirmed, nominees are welcomed as candidates at an informational breakfast and invited to start the scholarship process.  Following receipt of candidate’s scholarship packet, a student will experience two rounds of interviews.  In each scenario, candidates are interviewed by a panel comprised of the scholarship committee members.

Students are invited to be interviewed on a predetermined date that each are made aware of in the scholarship packet*.  Should a student have a conflict with given interview date, an alternate option is offered in the scholarship packet.  Unfortunately, no other group and/or personal interviews outside of preset interview dates may be arranged.

The interview process is comprised of large and small group question/answer session.  Each student has ample opportunity to speak with scholarship interview members during the interview evening.

After the first round of interviews concludes, the committee will select finalists to return for an individual interview with the committee. All candidates will be notified of their interview outcome.


If selected to return for an individual interview with the committee, the candidate will be given a specific date and time slot*. 

This interview will be conducted with the candidate and the entire interview committee.

The scholarship committee consists of twelve members. The candidate will receive questions from the committee as well as have an opportunity to ask the committee questions.  Interview committee members represent the Koranda family, meaningful friendships to Rob, and those who have a commitment to the betterment of the Naperville community.

After this last round of interviews, finalists will not know the outcome until the recipients are announced at the Naperville North High School All School Awards Assembly in May.

Each person who sits on Rob Koranda Scholarship board impresses upon each student nominated that no matter what stage of the process each are a part of, being nominated is an acknowledgement of their strengths and personal character. The committee recognizes and appreciates the attributes that each has contributed to the high school community and are active in supporting all candidates in future pursuits. 

*Group and Individual Interview dates vary each each year. Please contact NHS Student Activities Office to confirm interview dates.